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Clubs & Organizations

Here is a list of extracurricular opportunities for students:

Part of a statewide organization that empowers Latino students and families to succeed in life and in Iowa by encouraging the pursuit of higher education through leadership training and mentorship. Meets weekly.

Archery Club
Open to any student interested in competing in weekly area tournaments as well as state and national competition in both Bullseye and 3-D. Season is September through May with practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9 p.m. at OHS.

Art Club
Open to all students interested in the visual arts. Plan and prepare art displays, T-shirt designs, enjoy special art activities, fundraise and visit area galleries and museums. Meets Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.

Great travel opportunities to popular destinations such as Disney World, New York, and Washington D.C.

  • Marching Band includes competitions, home football games, and local parades. Band includes concerts, large groups, competition, solo and ensemble contests.
  • Jazz Band includes competitions, home concerts, school tours, and local performances.
  • Pep Band at home basketball games.
  • Colorguard includes flags during marching season.

Best Buddies
The club encourages friendship, leadership, and inclusion for all. Partner with a student who has an intellectual or developmental disability. Attend events at OHS and outside school.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union (BSU) is primarily an African-American organization that is open to ANYONE which seeks to promote a cultural and political awareness of issues impacting the Black community. The club also works to bring positive racial relations by adding a mutual respect for all cultures. 

Dance Team
Perform dance routines, such as pop, jazz, and hip-hop at basketball games and pep assemblies to promote school spirit.

Debate Team
Travel the state of Iowa competing against other high school students in 4-5 weekend tournaments. Debate current world political and social topics with a partner and use evidence to affirm and negate the current monthly resolution.

Drama Club
The perfect club for any student to find a place to fit in whether it be on the stage or behind the scenes.

A student led organization that helps young men and women become strong leaders, and takes Family and Consumer Sciences beyond the classroom. Meets on Thursday.

Fellowship of the Rainbow
OHS gay/straight alliance, provides a safe and welcoming space for any student who wants to talk about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression and work towards the goal of transforming the entire school into a safe place. Students do not have to identify as LGBTQ+ to be part of the group. We love allies!

Through hard work and discipline, cadets learn the pride to respond on command to produce well executed formations. Color Guard learns to move as one hile providing a means of enhancing morale, developing a spirit of teamwork and presenting traditional movements.

Perform at solo, ensemble, and large group contests, state-wide festivals, local civic functions, and assist with Solo Day.

Project 7

P7 is a nondenominational Bible study group that meets every Tuesday after school in room 307. We invite everyone who is interested in learning more about the Bible and fellowship.

Science Club
Discuss up-to-date science topics/current events. Watch science fiction movies and/or go stargazing. Participate in the high school Science Bowl and attend field trips. Meets Thursday after school.

Shark Club
OHS Shark Club was first established st Ottumwa High School in 1924. Shark Club’s focus is performing an entertaining synchronized swimming show. Each season has a theme and show is arranged according to theme. The club welcomes all students (boys and girls) 9th-12th grade. Shark Club is meant to
be a fun experience for club members and those who attend the season show.

Silver Cord
Students who volunteer at least 200 hours of service through high school receive special recognition at graduation.


  • Individual - Prepare an individual piece for any of the following categories and compete at the district competition in early March: Muscial Theater, Acting, Original Oratory, Public Address, After Dinner Speaking, Poetry, Prose, Literary Program, Review, Expository Address, Improvisation Radio News, Spontaneous Speaking, and Storytelling.
  • Large Group - Everyone gets a part! Take theater on the road for competition: Reader’s Theater, Choral Reading, Short Film, One Act Play, Mime, Musical Theater, Group Improvisation, Ensemble Acting, Television Broadcasting, and Radio Broadcasting.

Student Council
Nominated by their peers, the purpose of this group is to serve the student body, the school, and the community. Join the cream of the Bulldog Nation’s crop.

Teen Pregnancy Task Force
A grassroots effort to educate our community on the risks of adolescent pregnancy. Stresses the importance of pregnancy prevention to 5th graders as part of the reproductive unit. High-school students perform skits to all 5th grade classrooms demonstrating why it is important to postpone sex.

Torch Club
OHS chapter of the National Honor Society. Membership is by invitation only and extended to students who have 22 honor points and maintain a 3.2 GPA average. Honor points are awarded for participating in certain school activities and/or services during the first four semesters of their high school career.

Trapshooting Club
Provides a platform for building good character and sportsmanship while improving shooting skills. Practice every Thursday 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. during the season, April through May.

Vocal Music

  • Preludes and Troubadours are open to all students and perform four concerts a year.
  • Bells (female) and Meistersingers (mixed) require audition.
  • Show Choir-Auditions available to students participating in another ensemble, singing and choreography, practice at 6:30 am, performs in 3 contests, 2 concerts and other community events.

Produce the OHS school yearbook, Annual Argus. Take pictures, create layouts, write captions, etc. Personal responsibility and meeting deadlines is important.